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St. Joseph Cemetery Association

St. Joseph Cemetery, often referred to as New St. Joseph Cemetery, is located in the western hills of Cincinnati, Ohio.  Nestled in a primarily residential area, the cemetery consists of 163 rolling acres and was once part of the Terry family farm.

The original St. Joseph Cemetery is located on 19.22 acres at what is now West Eighth Street and Enright Avenue.  Purchased by Archbishop John B. Purcell in 1842, the land was divided, half for German Catholic burials and half for Irish Catholic burials.

As the city of Cincinnati and the neighborhood of Price Hill grew, West Eighth Street was extended through the graveyard, making it necessary to relocate some burials.  Most of the displaced graves and land belonged to the Irish portion of the cemetery.  St. Joseph Cemetery Association retains jurisdiction and is responsible for care of the cemetery at the North West corner of West Eighth St. and Enright Ave.

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